What area do Saints Restoration & Salvage cover…?

Saints Restoration & Salvage are a national business covering the whole of the U.K. including Norther Ireland and the Channel Islands. We do have a 48 hour non-emergency visit SLA but this may be extended for some of the more remote locations.

Why do Insurers use Saints Restoration & Salvage…?

Saints Restoration & Salvage are a national service employed to see that ALL claims are handled fairly and treat customers fairly at all times. We initially visit site to establish what has been damaged and draw up a comprehensive report establishing stabilisation, restoration and replacement costs. The report is then returned to the Insurer and Loss Adjuster and we await authorisation on the items to be collected.

If the claim is flagged as an emergency then items may be removed at the point of the validation visit to mitigate the loss.

What happens to my items post validation…?

Once we have received authorisation to proceed the items will be collected at your convenience and returned to our workshops where they are assigned to a technician who is responsible for the item whilst in our care. The technicians are available via email should you have any questions, and you would also be welcome to come into the workshops by appointment to discuss the restoration process.

Who collects my items…?

The items are collected by our own teams who are all DBS checked, they take extreme care to make sure that the transportation is done professionally. Photographs are taken before removal and when they are returned to the workshops these photos can be viewed by all parties on the unique validation viewer.

What do Saints Restoration & Salvage restore…?

Saints Restoration & Salvage are a generalist restoration company and have the ability to restore most items that have been damaged, resulting in an Insurance claim.

The specialism is in the Mid to High Net Worth insurance markets. There is also the opportunity working with ‘’third parties’’ to replace specialist carpets and rugs.

Where are my items taken to…?

The items are returned to specialist workshops in the Midlands. Items are allocated within Teams who regularly communicate directly with the Policyholder where required.

Who takes care of the individual items…?

Our team of conservators are allocated various items, and the progression of restoration is visible on the online validation viewer.

The viewer gives access to all the important milestones including received, start and completion dates.

How long does it take to restore…?

Each individual item is allocated a start and completion timescale which can be viewed on-line. Should an item be required on an earlier date then we will do what we can to meet expectations.

What happens if the items are ready before the house repairs are finished…?

If the completion date on the Validation Viewer is before the house is ready to accept the items back, the items are wrapped, packed and placed in our own ‘’Safe Store’’ until the property repairs are completed.

Do I have to have everything back at once…?

The return of the items can be completed on ‘’partial return’’ deliveries to prevent the Policyholder being overwhelmed. The items are placed back in the rooms, and there is an unpacking service if required.

What happens if I have any concerns through the process…?

Throughout the process all parties are aware of both the head restorer and the office contact and there is an escalation process through to the Managing Director if required.

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