Validation Service


Saints Restoration & Salvage provide a fixed price validation service for all contents items regardless of the size of the claim and peril across all sectors from standard, medium and high net worth. We also take care of those sentimental items, with understanding and empathy.


As part of our validation report we will provide a restoration probability, a restoration cost, a replacement cost, and full condition grade in order to allow you to make a fully informed decision.


All contents items within the validation requirement will be inspected either on-site or in our workshop, photographed for pre-incident and incident damage which is all available to view via our online validation viewer. Each items eligibility for restoration will be assessed and determined if it can be restored to its pre-incident condition or if it’s uneconomical and beyond economical repair.


Upon completion of the validation process a full report will be produced in the required format and forwarded to the instructing party. This report will be generated within 48 hrs of the data collection giving a full break-down of the damaged items.


The full report contains key information to enable an informed decision to be made, this will also include any concerns around fraud or claims embellishment, any salvage feasibility commenting on the BER items and if they have any salvage value.

SCI Group are passionate about removing all single use plastic from the Business.
All materials within production are biodegradable and all paper and cardboard products
are either recycled or from a recycled source.