Restoration Service


Once the authorisation has been received, the items are either removed from ‘’Safe-Store’’ or collected. They are then allocated a completion date which is visible to all parties, if for any reason there is a delay and this date must be extended then all Parties are made aware.

The restoration of all the items in our possession is carried out sympathetically with all considerations being taken to the original finish returning the item to its original state. From a fine tapestry to an antique wooden bureau the finished condition will replicate the items original state.

Our commitment is to engage with the Policyholder throughout the claim, with an open invitation for them to visit the workshops and meet the Team when their items are being worked on.

SCI Group are passionate about removing all single use plastic from the Business.
All materials within production are biodegradable and all paper and cardboard products
are either recycled or from a recycled source.