Services Available

  • Book and document repair/restoration
  • Frame, mount and paper repair/restoration
  • Plaster frame repair and re-gilding
  • Rug and woven art restoration
  • Rug validation and fulfilment
  • Specialist carpet inspections bespoke and standard fulfilment
  • Collectable restoration and validation
  • Metal restoration to include firearms
  • Modern and contemporary art validation and restoration
  • Musical instrument restoration and repair (brass, percussion, and strings)
  • Wooden furniture restoration (modern and antique)
  • Leather restoration (furniture and upholstery)
  • Lighting restoration and repair (in-house electrical service for removal)
  • Full contents validation and restoration
  • Fine art restoration
SCI Group are passionate about removing all single use plastic from the Business.
All materials within production are biodegradable and all paper and cardboard products
are either recycled or from a recycled source.